Jun. 10th, 2010

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 So, watching America's Got Talent (always a questionable premise, but fun) I watch a dog act.  The act was rubbish but they got through.  The issue was the troupe features rescue dogs, and they called out their oldest  - 18.  FML, I have no real idea what motivated me, but I burst into tears.  I suddenly had a vision of my beloved old and smelly here, and counting his days, and then I was flashing to   - and I seriously have no idea why - being told I had to 'end his misery' and how I would handle it, and would the vet come here to the house to do it because the vet scares him so much and I don't want his last moments to be terror and WHAT THE HELL!?!

Sebi is *fine* - spry, in fact.  He's only 8!  Well 8 and a half.  He's a grey face, but it doesn't slow him.  HE'S FINE!  I just fell apart over an instant flash of WTF.  Maybe it was because I absolutely banished him earlier for trying to bite one of the cats - such a NoNo - even though he didn't really *try* but he absolutely snapped too close and I was so utterly cross with him.  And he *knew* he was bad immediately, almost before I shrieked. 

In conclusion - work stress has started to screw up Real Life and that's not on; I clearly need to get out of the house more: and finally, I need to relax.  Seriously, what was all that about?  

Focus on amusing:  I scored Adam Lambert tickets for sis and I to celebrate our bdays.  I said we need to be *fabulous*, Tori said "well i'm pregnant".  Screw her, I'm breaking out my sequins that night.

Hope everyone is more sane!


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