Jun. 23rd, 2010


Jun. 23rd, 2010 03:46 am
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 So FIFA coverage here in the USA  has moved on from "What the hell is that noise??!" to "Flopping: it's for pussies - I told you this game was crap!".  I remember my first World Cup experience as a kid in England: I was watching a match, watched a player from Argentina throw himself on the ground, seeming to writhe in agony, and then when he saw the ref ignored him he leapt up and scored a goal.  I blinked at the screen and have remained skeptical since.

Coverage in the US had moved from VUVUZELAS SUCK (but we all downloaded the iPhone app, LULZ) to FLOPPING PROVES THAT THIS GAME IS FOR DRAMA QUEENS AND PUSSIES.  Yes, he caps are warranted, oh you who don't listen to US Sports Talk. There was a brief distraction over Tiger Woods proving he can't perform under stress at the Masters (sure, when you  were King of the World and all 12 of your mistresses kept it on the Down Low you were Cool Joe but now - hey not so much!) but now the US has a pivotal game coming up.  There's zero discussion of the squad, really  - never mind tactics - but it's getting air play.  But if comes down to one astute observation from *my Dad* of all people: if the US doesn't advance, FIFA's vuvzela drone will be momentarily drowned by the sound of millions of TVs in the USA swtiching stations and the motto "I told you this game sucks" happening at once.  If the UK hangs on, that moment can be diverted since we care about them as well, but if they both leave, that's it.  Soccer is shut out for 4 more years.  The pundits have latched on to flopping - which is a disgrace - and since there is really no action against it or means in place to control it, the fangs are out.  My fav from today: "You need to be fined if you grab a body part more than 4 feet away from the potential foul  - these guys who get clipped on the ankle and then grab their FACE in agony just need to be kicked in the n**** for a start.  Then give 'em a card". 

Soccer: It's one big social experiment here.


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