Jun. 14th, 2010

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Okay, sports fan that I am, I have never really cared for soccer football. I have no idea why.  I like it much more than Basketball, but on my scale that's not a reach.

However, it's hard not to get caught up in the World Cup, because next to the Olympics, it is the only *true* global event.  And at the risk of angering all the ribbon-twirling fans out there, I'd almost argue that passions over the World Cup run much deeper than with the Olympics.  Americans don't really *get* this, becuase they are only privy to the massive vomiting of Olympic pimping and TV coverage here - they have, for the most part, never really been immersed in FIFA.  Then again, we get rightly called out on our versions of 'World Events' - like the World Series, which we win every year!  Go us!

Anyway, so this year I decided to embrace the World Cup and listen to/watch as much as I could.  The US/UK game started just as Nico's last tball game was ending.  I loaded Sophie into the MINI and tried to convince her to listen to the game as we headed to the massive family whip-up my mum was hosting that day - partially successful.  When we got there, I knew that the score was one/nil, but had no idea which team was up.  We were all FOBIDDEN to even risk spoilers  - all had TIVO going - so I sort of forgot about it.

Then get home and open my email to find this:

Which, let's face it, it pretty funny (overlooking the horrific tragedy of the oil spill of course).  PE coaches always love to ramble on about how sports puts life in perspective.  And you KNOW there are a lot of people out there who consider the missed block *much* worse than the busted pipe.  We'll ignore that, becuase this is intended as a happy post.  Just kudos to whoever made this as it has Great Burn to it.

You know what the big talk is on all the sports programs though, World Cup related?  Not the standings, not Japan's victory, not the brackets, no - all they are taking about is how horrible the sound of the vuvus are.  I am not kidding.  As I came into work, I wanted to hear a breakdown of the Cameroon/Japan game that had just ended but no - VUVU BITCHING. Switched to the other sports station in disgust - MORE VUVU BITCHING.  Gave up, switched to talk radio....yep.  VUVU WINGING AD NAUSEUM.  What's so amusing about this is that it is coming from people who habitually attend Professional American Football games, where the noise level from the *constant rap music* is unbearable.  I just stopped going - I only go to College games where at worst the Band won't shut up, but that's at a manageable level of noise.  I'm just waiting for the latest theory on "Why don't American's like football" to involve a vuvu tangent.


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