Jun. 3rd, 2010

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 So - 

Work continues to be mad.  It doesn't make for fascinating blog posts, so we'll leave it at that.  I may have some exciting changes, but they are slow brewing so there we are.  Right now I'm a mad dance to keep everyone Playing Nice while not appearing to be A) Lazy and not helping and B) Lying.  Yeah I'll get into the painful positions I'm assuming later.  Things are tough all over, right?

I am off to Seattle for a few days - HUZZAH!  I get to play & relax with friends, and although at this moment my shoulders still ache from work stress, I'm hoping to come down @ 1pm tomorrow when I am safely on plane.  Sophie offered me a massage yesterday, which actually was rather nice.  Tough little 8 year old, she is.

We're going to a baseball game in Seattle - I am ridiculously excited about this because I've not been to a major league game yet.  Oh I love love LOVE going to Nico's Tball games and cheering them on, no worries.  And they have all gotten so much better!  It's rather amazing what a few months does - their coaches are terrific.  The patience and dedication they show to the kids is cool - if Nico sticks with it, I'll put myself up as a coach next year.  I think he will - he does enjoy it and when I asked him if he still wanted to go to a Major League game with me the other day, I had a *very* enthusiastic thumbs up.  Yay!

Just celebrated my sister's bday, where my dad decided he would regale the kids The Story of the Day Mommy Was Born.  Now, it's actually rather *poor showing* for grandpa, but he told it anyway.  My Mum woke up @ 2:30 and thought 'yes, NOW'....at @6:30 (after dad had shaved and got ready for work) they set out.  he dropped me off at Grandma, then DROPPED MUM AT THE HOSPITAL AND WENT TO WORK.  My sister was born about 40 minutes after he dropped my mother off at the entrance.  The nurses and the doctors called him At WORK to say "Where the hell are you?" .  Dad's theory was 'hey it's all over - I'll be there at noon'.  His grandchildren were *outraged*.  Personally, I couldn't believe I had to listen to this again.  If this is the entertainment for my birthday, I'll pass.  We did edit the tale to leave out the scary parts about hemorrhaging.  I wonder about my dad at times - I got there late so i have no idea how this started.  *Sigh*

I've been "spoiling" myself for the Harry Potter adventure by looking at videos people are posting of the park - but it's only making me more excited.  Video has nothing on the real thing: my real issue now is how I can convince Nico to go on "the Flight of the Hippogryph" without thinking it is too scary. The Quidditch thing is OK, and double dragons is a NO all around.  I also have to manage how Sophie will not feel gutted if she is not the one chosen for the demonstration in Olivander's.  These are worries I can manage, however.  It looks like just walking down the street there is going to be more fun than we three can handle :)

To complete my boring and pedestrian post, I can report that Sebastien *played with a puppy* today at the dog park - astonishing.  Generally he is a cranky old man and tells puppies to bugger off out of his airspace, but he actually played with a gorgeous and sweet 4 mo. old vizsla with no whining and no snapping for 5 whole minutes.  I love puppies, but generally have to ignore them or his majesty gets all snippy - nice change! 

So there is a staid update.  I've left out reporting my gym times and diet choices because that really would take the biscuit.  I DO have juicy, but it has to wait.  My fingers are crossed it's not for much longer!

Hope all are well and Summer had properly set in - I barely made the pool on Memorial Day, and it was bloody freezing but DAMN I was not to be swayed. I actually prefer cooler temps, but there is a limit!
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To those who thought i was kidding when i said i was flying to Seattle
"just for a baseball game".


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