May. 4th, 2010

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Now, I did not actually name myself that, Sophie did.  I simply didn't discourage the behavior.


So, Way back in time 'Harry Potter Land was announced'.  Sophie was 6, but stated "I'm SO GOING THERE with Auntie!" And in that manner where kids never remember where the shoes they took off 5 minutes ago have gone, but can remember the exact date and hour you promised them an ice cream 5 years ago and have YET to deliver, she brings it up from time to time.  And now, we no longer can say "Hon, it's not *built* yet".

Tori and I brought it up in January, and started to sketch out how we would pull it off.  It's quite doable money-wise, since they have really good packages.  Then, of course, Tori got knocked up.  August in Florida is a NO even without being 7-8 months pregnant.  So I decided to take one for the team, and said "Well, how about this - why don't I take the kids myself, say for Nico's 7th birthday in February.  Right about then they will be getting a little less enamored of the baby and you and (the brother in law) will probably be in serious need of 5 days of relative quiet".  

Today I asked Tori if she liked the idea:

"Oh GOD that would be amazing - I'll probably be near dead from exhaustion then!"
"So you have no qualms about sending them off on a big trip with me?"
"Well, you realise if you lose one of them you can't come home...."
"That's understood, yes."
"Sounds good to me!"
"Jason has to agree too."
"Allow me to speak for Jason.  His response will be 'F*** YEAH!'"
"Well that's set then."

My mother later commented that if I do lose one, she will make sure I can come home briefly under cover of night to drop off the remaining child with her, and then scarper to Antarctica. 

Let's face it, this is a win for me  - a fun trip with the little dudes.  It would be more awesome if Orlando was slightly easier to get to (non-stops from CA are, basically, non-existent.  But at least we can go direct through Austin).  The kids, at 9 and 7, are easier to wrangle and yet still enough of kids that it will be worth the effort.

Tori's final suggestion was to 'try to convince one of the twins to go with you".  The Twins are my best friends Fran and Alexandra, who have traveled with our extended family group before.  LOL - I'll ask them, but I figure that will be mostly for the amusement of their expressions. 

Of course I can't actually *book* anything until July/August - however I've already started to plan the Xmas reveal of the gift.  I'm thinking of making them each an owl, then attaching a hand-made "invitation to Hogwarts".  

Now all we need is a 'Doctor Whoville" and my journey to the nerd-side will be com-plee-tah! 


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