Apr. 26th, 2010

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 So, I left the house with A LIST.  Spring cleaning is here, lots to do.  Needed to:

Get to Home Centre (mulch & vegetables to lay in)
Get to CB2 (2 new carpets to put on order)
Get to Target (Sundries)
Get to Grocers (Week 9 of Super Healthy Meals, need *everything*)

Only, it was 75 degrees here today.  

And the dog park was pretty puppy free so we loitered.

Then I wandered into the pet store and hey look professional pet portraits!  On Sale!

And a very determined (and GOOD) photographer lures me over with "hey, it's all digital, so if he just won't sit, no worries!".

So I then wandered home with a receipt for a '4 page collection' of SUPER CUTE pics of The Idiot, a large bag of treats he earned by sheer force of actually looking at the camera,  and just played Lego Batman for the rest of the day. Must practice for when Lego Harry Potter gets here in June, you know.

Ate bread, cheese and red wine for dinner sacked out on couch watching Doctor Who.  A healthy fat, some excellent tanins for the blood, and fibre; so not evil at all. The Doctor has no nutritional value, but benefits the soul which is just as "Thrive" friendly as broccoli, thanks.

I still can't believe I bought dog portraits

In conclusion, a Bugger All day, but I'm good with that.  

Oh crap, I just realised laundry was supposed to be on that list....


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