Mar. 3rd, 2010

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 It has been cold, wet and rainy here in Northern California for *weeks*.  

And yet here I sit, again, watching the local HS kiddos leaving for the day in the rain....and I'll be damned if even 5% of them have on a jacket, let alone are using an umbrella.

The super cool kids are still in jackass shorts and don't even put their hoodie top up!  Yes, 'jackass shorts' is my own term for those things where the crotch is at your knee, each leg is bigger around than your thin-ass hipster self, and you are clearly impervious to both good sartorial taste and the sound of derisive snorting laughter delivered in your direction. It's the Universal right of a teenager to look like a fool as they rage against the machine, but those pantsesque things really, really do make one the fool of fools.  Never go full retard.

I'm pondering posting a huge sign in my office window that reads "PUT ON YOUR DAMN JACKET ALREADY" for my own amusement. However, while I know the physician leaders would also be amused, the administrators tend to be ... less appreciative of installment humor, and I already have my full LEGO Hogwarts Castle installment atop my book cabinet drawing suspicions. 

Dudes, come on.  Come on.  I am down with the need to be fab, with the desire to fit in, even with the stubborn belief that your life will never recover from the loss of 'cool points' should you don a particuarly goofy looking slicker.  However, the daily drenchings you are all receiving - and I can tell you are all at drowned rat status when you pass by - are too much.  Put on a coat, as you are making ME cold by proxy, and even though you think it's all about you, it isn't.  It's about me.


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