Jan. 31st, 2010

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 So good news = FINALLY losing weight.  This whole insulin adventure is brutal, but am happy to say - almost astonished to say - that my body has remembered how to get *rid* of fat, rather than horde it.  I shall spare the sordid medical details, however, and cut to the amusing side of this.

I've been 'between' sizes for a while: I have two pairs of jeans, each on either side of that aggravating fence, and for a long time there have been rare days when I have been able to get into the smaller pair in a way where I can actually go out in public without shaming myself, and all of my ancestors back to Sarson du Belchere back in Normandy, egging on William Rufus (Sire, he's called Harold for God's sake and he doesn't even have a cool nik like the Bastard Rufus as you doth; I say we goeth for it!).  Today was my playdate with Sophie.  I grabbed the go-to jeans out of the dryer and hit the road.

I realised as I almost lost my pants in the middle of Japantown that *hey! these don't even fit straight out of the wash!* which would have been more exciting had I not almost just made the day memorable in ways unforseen.  Of course, then I gave myself that AI earworm..."Pants on the ground, pants on the ground....".  Sophie asked if maybe we should by a belt at the next store.  Sensible child. 

Support your local artists! Even when they make you hungry.... )

Also, Sophie is being successfully assimilated into Doctor Who fandom.  We listened to a new audiobook in the car, but were diverted into a lengthy discussion (or rather, a verbal dissertation from the Bug) on Why Daleks Aren't Scary - They're Just Robots.  Sophie finds them amusing, and we have this conversation:

" Why the Doctor doesn't just 'zap 'em with his sonic hammer...."
"... screwdriver, soph..."
"... his screwdriver.  That's what I'd do!  They're totally not scary."
"Well, they're pretty tough and not really zapable.  You need to blow them up, not sonic them."

She then asked what they looked like inside.  

"Well," says Auntie, being careful not to give the child with a wild imagination anything that will arm it for nightmares "you know what?  They look like a sneeze, actually.  With one eye."  
"So what The Doctor needs a SONIC HANDKERCHIEF!"
"That could work."
"Well If I were The Doctor I'd just zap open their robot shell and poke them in their big black eye and say TAKE THAT!"
"Actually, I think their eyes are blue...."
"NO WAY!" and she dissolves into gales of laughter.  "Who ever heard of a monster with a blue eye?  See, totally not scary."
"You know Mommy thinks they're really scary."
"Does she know they look like a sneeze?"
"They have tentacles, too."
"Oh well that explains it, 'cause you know how she gets about them."

I am so ready to start showing her the TV show!

And this time next week I will be down at Disneyland and yes, I am rather pathetically excited about that.  WoOt!!



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