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 Ah, ships.  The basis for more winging, screaming, squeeing, and outlandish behavior than anything else in fandom.  Although, the hissy fit thrown in certain areas over JKR telling people that Remus' "J" stood for "John" was also an epic laugh, I must say.

But, I shall not digress.  In cannon it's always been R+H for me - their bumbling towards resolution entertained me wildly, and they are a sweet fit. As for *fandom* - I've always been a quiet Puppy shipper, because I seem to love angst.  There have been so many very talented fanfiction writers through the years who have written wonderful fics, and Remus & Sirius just seems to work together well.  I think I also like this little fantasy because you can actually make it work from the source material.  The foundation of why the Marauders even became Animagi sets off this thread, I think.  Well, at least to me.  Certainly there was the very basic thrill of doing something so wild and so outrageous, but it wasn't easy and the others could easily have gotten bored and just gone to find better things to amuse themselves with.  Then you layer on Remus & Sirius as the last survivors who have been through hell together, and yes we can just go on and on.  I just *like* them together.

Of course, I cannot let this day pass without a shout-out to Hogwarts/Giant Squid, because their love is so basic and primal, how can it not make one all woobie inside? And I have it to thank for the fact that I can never see one of those old woodcuts of a squid attacking a boat without picturing the castle nestled there in the arms of the beast, not some poor doomed schooner.  

Date: 2010-08-03 07:07 am (UTC)
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Oh - how could we possibly forget the passionate giant squid?!

And yes, the days of 'puppy love'. AROOOOOOOOO!


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