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What, I have to say more?  It's REMUS, for goodness sake!

Fine - well, I adored Remus from the start because he reminded me of all the great teachers I had had growing up.  Fun, but clearly making you learn, even in spite of yourself at times I'm sure.  Then we get to the real story behind his life, and my rarely seen instinct to knit someone a sweater, make them soup, and just *be there* kicked in.  Now I'm not weird about this (well, slightly, but I'm not having marriages on an astral plane, nor did I suddenly hate Tonks because 'she got mah MAN!' - damn 'fans' can be scary) but as a character in the books I just love him.  No, he's not perfect by any means.  He's written to be stubborn and morose to a fault and even if you can clearly see his motivations, you can want to throw the soup at him just as much as you want to politely feed it to him.  He struggles against gross injustice with dignity (mostly) and that's a character type that I personally enjoy.  

Hmmm, I may be trying to hard to be sane and not obsessive....  Look, I was part of a triumvirate of smart, put together, adult women who created and nurtured an entire website dedicated to The Awesomeness of Remus.  I cried buckets when he died.  I am STILL MAD he died, even if I understand 'the point' JKR was making.  I don't care - I'm still cross, and still feel it wasn't necessary... but I didn't write the book or create the character, I just love him to bits and always will.  My niece and nephew know that I love Remus, and accept that this is just part of who I am. Although, and this amuses me no end, they call him 'Professor Lupin' mostly: to him, he's a super cool teacher.  To me, he's a wonderful man who lived with a terrible situation and did the best that he could. He's just Remus.

Beyond Remus, I love Neville, Ron & Professor McGonagall dearly.  And I love Peeves - I'm so sorry that the people who only know Potter through movies have never taken the step to the books - they have NO idea what they are missing by not having Peeves in their lives *just* for a start!


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