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So last night sis & I went to see Adam Lambert perform in San Francisco.  We were totally chufffed - as people know we are (or were, eh) big AI Stans, and were *massive* supporters of Adam on the show.  So, given the chance to go catch his show, we were all over that.  The order of the night was 'get glam!" , so I dug out the sparkle smokey eye shaddow and pink glitter nail polish and sis even scored a maternity top with tasteful number of sequins, and off we went!

The crowd was *ridiculously* eclectic - all ages, all backgrounds: clear AI-Moms, tweenies, glam kids from SF, you name it.  That alone was fab!  The fellow in front of us in line to get in was a scream to talk to - a 50+ SF bear-queen who was a terrific gossip.  We had such a blast just talking to him it was nuts.  It was a great intimate venue in The City - about 3000 with the general admin on the main floor (we sat in the 'old people section' up top & reminisced about concerts we were on the floor for  - the Pogues, Nirvana, Iggy Pop - yep, we're old(er). But sis (and baby Mina) needed the seat - that was my excuse ;)

AI folks will recognize the opening act - Alison Iraheta - and she was really good; amazing that she is still only what - 18? - that rocker voice of hers is astonishing and I was reminded how much I enjoyed her cover of 'Heartbreaker'.  And that's really it - she can easily be the next Pat Bennatar, with that rock voice with the operatic flair.

Next act we never heard of but DAMN - Orianthi, who turns out to be a 25 year old Aussie guitar wiz.  Serious, serious guitar grinding topped with a terrific cover of 'Voodoo Child' (if you can do JiMi right, you are Good People): I did my homework today and she is really something else. 


So finally we get Adam - and by all that is Holy, the man delivers. Seriously.  We've got so many over-produced talentless twits on the radio these days, it's such a nice night to go hear someone who can really sing.  And Adam Lambert can sing.  oh he's a total diva, and yep you can see his theatre roots, but so what?  Makes it all that more fun.

He did all the big hits off of his album (LOVE 'Strut' and yes, he and the dancers broke out the Malfoy Canes to it)  plus he did the two showstoppers that got him to the finals on AI - his cover of 'Ring of Fire'  and "Whole Lotta Love'.  Unf!  We danced for about 2 hours straight, and just had a fantastic time.   My only 'hmmmm' moment was the cover he chose that night for 'Mad World' which was about 2x too fast - and kinda ruined it, but what ever.  He did the only song of his I hate "Down the Rabbit Hole" 2nd, got that out of the way, and then just wowed for the rest of his set.  He also gets points for doing his shows like Elton John - he burns through fast songs, then does very stripped down versions of slow songs with single accompaniment to give the band/dancers an off stage rest while he sits for a bit while still performing, then goes back to the high energy songs to finish - so he's out there performing for you the entire time.

The man can sing - his voice is astonishing, really.  All those vocal theatrics on the albums, he can and does perform them live, with very little changes.  He's just a total pleasure to listen to.  Also, double points for having a 'glam rock' themed tour complete with age-appropriate stage effects - smoke, light balls & lasers.  Sis & I joked about feeling like we were back at the Pink Floyd nights at the SF Planetarium from the 80s.

So - Yay! I'm excited we scored the tickets and we had a great time: the show AND the crowd were amusing (on the train home, Tori sat next to a fellow concert goer - an 87 year old grandma with major Lambert Love: *awesome*).

JUST what I needed after a week of unbridled idiocy at work.  Whee!


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