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What Moffet has done with the tone of Dr. Who is *perfect*.  Sure, I loved the over the top dramatics of Davies, it's just for fun after all.  But tonight's episode was just as enjoyable with so much less fuss!

I'm not going to write an essay, but just sum up with a few bullet points:
  • I LOVE RORY.  Oh lord, we all need a Rory in our lives.  I joked that I need an Eleven, but I think now I'll just take a Rory, thanks! And filling us in with 'the legend of the centurion' - lovely.  And very clever having that tale as a museum narration... but who hit the play button?? Fez!Doctor must have done it, running about in the background....
  • Fez!Doctor ... the whole scene with him zapping about making sure the notes got delivered was amusing.  The touch of him snatching the drink & then returning it is one of the reasons I am *loving* Moffet's turn at the wheel. And a mop in the door to stop a Dalek was a nice daft touch.
  • I also like Amy (but I adore Amelia!).  Having them come face to face was fun.
    • I don't get the winging about Amy that I see pop up around the place - she's harmless.  Main complaints seem to be "She's bossy!", "She's not taking this seriously!", "Why is she always wearing miniskirts!", etc. etc.; I'm just not seeing any of this at a level of being distracting. As for 'she doesn't take this seriously', well, that amuses me the most.  I wonder if one of the more frothy fans has posted something on YouTube showing "I would be a better companion, because I WOULD TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!" which would be riveting, I'm sure. Because nothing puts the fun into a kid's TV show like someone being serious all over the place. 
  • Okay okay, we still, at the end of reality itself, had to have a Dalek: but having him beg for Mercy from River gave the writer a definite "Get out of Jail for Going There Again" card. 
  • And following on that, River is a character I can take or leave, but the moment with the Dalek was great - although ripped from the Doctor himself, but hey.
  • I'm just going to mention again that Rory was amazing: his reveal in the museum was a loud cheer inducing moment :)
  • Matt Smith has been *fantastic* - I count myself among the worried before Episode 1, but from the moment he popped out of the TARDIS in Episode 1 to the fade to black tonight, he's just been terrific.  He's had some stinker scripts (luckily few) but he made even those episodes entertaining.  Bravo!
  • The whole damn arc of the season was just really, really well done.  Sure we've always had hints that run up to the finale, but I just liked the feel of the entire thing as Moffet put it together.  Not as in your face as 'Bad Wolf', not as seemingly "what?" as some of Ten's (although the subtle leaking in of Saxon and seeing were that ended was a good touch!).  It's just a new tone, and one I like. 
  • Bonus points for the humour throughout
  • EXTRA points for a happy exciting ending that had me cheering and begging for the next series all at once!  Amy AND Rory!  YAY!
  • Sure, it was a reboot.  But not really.  Although now Amy should have full memories of Ten's activities in London, right?  LOL: so not relevant, but I bet somewhere there's a thread already heating up about it....

Oh my - as if Christmas isn't hard enough to wait for as it is!

Date: 2010-06-27 02:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] durayan.livejournal.com
I'm so looking forward to getting my hip fixed--in no small part, so I can do this season in a proper marathon! We've really enjoyed this one! Like you, I wondered if anyone really could follow David Tennant, but here I LOVE Matt Smith! (Though--I admit he looks hotter in a tux with tails--can we keep this bit?)

I've totally enjoyed this! It's our family time, watching the new Dr. Who episode on a Sunday morning. Yes, we will raise our children properly!

But I have questions on how all this affects Torchwood. I mean, mostly Jack. Because as a fixed point, shouldn't he be all wtf?? How does all this vanishing of the universe look to someone who presumably can't vanish?

Oh, and yes, it was corny as hell but I loved the blasting away of the horrible fez (but HAY what a way to make all that time jumping follow-able!)

Yes. Date a Rory. Because he's precious. And loyal. And so very stunningly strong in ways I think Amy never quite expected.

I need some Doctor Who (excuse me, as of this week, in my house, it's "Dock-ar Boo!") Icons


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